Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mimi's Miffy Birthday Party

My beautiful girl recently turned two (well, about 5 weeks ago now). I had lots of fun preparing a Miffy party for her. It's actually really hard to find Miffy things to buy, so I focused on the colours and made my own paper bunting:
And used colour-coordinated balloons:
Now, the cake wasn't perfect (I was frantically cutting and icing it about an hour before the party!), but everyone knew who it was, and the birthday girl was happy. I must thank the talented and generous knitknotnat for the cake inspiration and template that she kindly emailed me. You must check out her cake, which is much more impressive than mine!
Notice the cute little Miffy cookies - a good friend lent me her cookie cutters - these were so much fun to make, and the kids loved them:
I try to make 'lolly bags' reusable; I found cute containers and decorated them with personalized stickers:
I know my kids are now using theirs as little treasure boxes.
Warning: upcoming posts shall feature my cute little girl in cute little handmade skirts and dresses - I've been having way too much fun now that the weather is warming up!


  1. Wow! What an amazing party! I love the bunting and the Lolly bags idea. I hope your daughter loved it.

  2. That's a lovely put together party! Miffy looks great and the kids don't care what the cake isn't perfectly iced, they just remember you made it. My older children still look back with delight at the Lulu and Amy and all the other cakes that they've had for their birthdays - even the very dodgily iced "Pickachu" for my son - they just remember how much fun it was to have Mum make something special!

  3. How lovely!! We had a Miffy summer party and got our party stuff from, bunting and hats and all sorts! Although I love yours!

  4. Yum, the cake looks delicious and is super cute. I liked going through this post. I even got some nice ideas for my nephew’s birthday. I am planning to book one of the outdoor event locations so that the kids can enjoy outdoor games and activities. Also, why not add paint ball as one of the games?


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