Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lots of little gifts...

Ready for a bit of time travel? You'll need to go back in time to Christmas 2011! I made a pouch and three of the very popular and oh-so-clever drawstring bags for presents.
In a bit of a last minute sewing frenzy, I managed to turn this stack:

Into this:
Christmas Present for my son's favourite childcare teacher
Christmas present for sister-in-law

and this:
Christmas present for brother-in-law
My zippy zipper ends were always bothering me, so I finally splurged and bought Oh Fransson!'s Perfect Zip Bag pattern, and it was worth every penny.

Now, if I'd made these recently, they could so be part of the My Precious QAL; my heart palpitated as I cut the precious fabric. Perhaps I'll have to make myself something special soon?
And those of you paying close attention will have realised that there was also some Echino fabric in that first pic - I better snap a photo of the iPad case I made for my husband!


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