Friday, May 28, 2010

And then there was sewing...

Another pregnancy, another new craft. This time I found out that I was having a girl. I'd borrowed my mother-in-law's sewing machine to make some basics - curtains and burp cloths and snuggle blankets. But now I started dreaming of sewing cute dresses and skirts, along with all the baby accessories you need: bibs, change mat, etc. After getting the machine serviced a couple of times and putting it to good use, it is, at least temporarily, residing here. It's a gorgeous 70's orange Bernina that weighs a ton, and I love it.

So far I'd only sewn some basic items, using mediocre fabric from the local chain craft store. Then my girlfriend bought me the best type of gift for a crafter - supplies! - when Miriam was born - 3/4 metres x three different fabrics - to sew something for Miriam. Two of them were Panache by Sanae prints, the other one of MoMo's Wonderland. My love, perhaps obsession, of quilting fabric began. (Should I send her the invoices?).

I've spent quite some time, money and effort collecting fabrics from two particular lines of fabric - MoMo's Wonderland and Lizzy House's Red Letter Day (leading to the name of this blog). I was lucky enough to grab a couple of charm packs and a jelly roll of Wonderland, and a fair bit of yardage, especially once they did the reprint. With some internet searching, quilt shop calling, and swapping, I'm on my way to having at least a fat quarter of each of the Red Letter Day prints. Joy! What will I do with them? Well, I initially planned on just sewing clothes - cute dresses, etc. But now that I have a collection, I'd love to make some quilts. But that's for another day. Here are some of my creations from my meagre stash of quilt fabric.

So why start a blog now? Well, I've been looking at lots of blogs and have been inspired by them. But when I left a comment, there was no link back to me. Plus, I'll be needing some advice as I venture into designing and making my first quilts. And then, of course, I'd love to offer up some giveaways. I haven't thought of a milestone yet - maybe a certain number of posts or a certain number of followers? Any thoughts? Anybody listening yet?


  1. Yay! I am listening!! I love your header, I really really do! You sure picked two hum dingers of fabric collections to start with! why not start with the best, huh? so im wondering...have you eyed the Castle Peeps line yet? Im really gonna need to get some...soon.

  2. Is your header the ducks you mentioned the other day? Your sewing is LOVELY! I don't trust my sewing (which is why I knit). What you've made looks incredible. I like the crayon wrap - do they always make it back in there?

  3. Thanks Jenny! I LOVE the Castle Peeps but I think it's usage may be a bit limited. What would you use it for?

  4. Response to Kate: yes, those are the special ducks I was talking about :). Thanks for the compliment re my sewing. I never thought I'd be very good at it, but am becoming pleased with my results. The crayon wrap was fun to make, and yes, they often do end up back in it!


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