Monday, May 31, 2010

Itty Bitty Skirt

I'm not too sure a skirt for a 9-month old makes sense, but I had fun sewing it, and it's so cute on her! It's just not very practical for sitting on the floor or in car seats, and I can't imagine it will stay on for long once she starts crawling. It was also really hard to photograph on the model.

It's a slightly modified and downsized version of the Corduroy skirt from Emma Hardy's 'making children's clothes'. It's shorter and I did not use the entire width of fabric (maybe about 30 inches? I could take measurements if anyone is interested). I also left off the ribbon. The corduroy is from a local craft chain. The owls were an online purchase and are from the 'Apple' collection from Timeless Treasures. I love these owls and have plenty left to play with.

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