Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another sweet little dress

Sweet Little Dress #2 has been gifted. I made it for a good friend's one-year-old. I let her choose the fabric (mum, not the 1 year old!) and was really happy when she chose this fabric from the Habitat line. I think it makes a pretty hip urban baby dress.
I made the 18 month size and added a bit of length to the elastic, with the hope that it will also fit next summer as a top.
I got to see her in it the other day and it looked great - a little bit big but that's better than small!

In WIP news I finally cut the fabric for Mimi's flower girl dress - it's from the Bliss line. I really hope it fits. I added a bit of length to both the bodice and the skirt for my very tall girl. I figure if I make it now and it doesn't work, that gives me time to make something else or buy something! I'm using the Oliver + S bubble dress pattern. Wish me luck!


  1. I love this fabric for a girl's dress! Actually, I think the entire line is perfect for hip, urban kids clothes. I hope the recipient loves it!

  2. Jill this one is really pretty, the fabric is gorgeous !


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