Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sweet Little Dress

I rarely sew (or knit) a pattern more than once. I enjoy the challenge of figuring something out the first time, and usually find it a bit boring to repeat the same motions again. This pattern, however, is different - it is very simple and quick to put together, and the result is exceptionally cute! I've already made two more (but they're gifts so still a secret). The only challenge was getting this little one to stop and pose!
The pattern is called Sweet Little Dress by Leila & Ben. I definitely recommend it!
I used fabric from the DS Quilts line sold here in Australia and am really happy with how it looks. I would love to make myself a dress using the same fabric (I have a great new Japanese pattern book with the perfect pattern in mind).
So in future posts expect to see some more sweet little dresses. And I'm still planning on a tutorial for a ruffled skirt made out of fat quarters. And finishing the wheels quilt. And, most importantly, sewing Miriam's dress for her Aunt and Uncle's wedding! That's only some of what's planned in my head. Does anyone else need more time to sew and less time to daydream about sewing?


  1. I could definitely use some extra time to sew, knit, craft. If only I could put the kids on pause for a few hours (or days!). Now I know why my mum was always sewing at night...pity I'm not a night person. Love the dress!

  2. Why would you buy if you can sew like that - looks great ! :)


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