Friday, December 16, 2011

Crayon Rolls for Christmas

Crayon Rolls
Firstly, a quick hello and thank you to my followers - old and new. You've provided me with such wonderful support, inspiration and assistance in my crafting endeavors (and sometimes life, too)! I'm a bit overwhelmed again by the response to my giveaway - thanks so much, especially for all the food tips; I hope to add some dishes to my repertoire. My giveaway will be open a bit longer than the official time (I'll be sound asleep here in Australia at 6 pm PST); I'll close the comments when I get up in the morning, and draw the winners sometime during the day. I'm so excited to pick and announce the winners!
Crayons galore!
I've made three more crayon rolls, for Christmas presents, using Skip to My Lou's easy-to-follow tutorial. Every bit of it - from the size of the pocket to the length of the ribbon, works great. But what works even better is Lizzy House fabric - those peeps are just the right height for the pocket - don't you love it?
Red Letter Day Ugly Duckling
The above fabric is particularly special to me, and since my little girl loves pink, this one is for her! Lizzy House Red Letter Day Ugly Duckling on the outside; pearl bracelet on the inside; and some DS Quilts for the pocket - I thought they looked great together.
Castle Peeps - for boy
The next two are for a sister and brother - our friends' kids that we're about to meet for the first time when they visit from Holland (for Christmas). So I made coordinating Castle Peeps rolls.
Castle Peeps - for girl
I love how the peeps look like they're guarding the crayons!
On Guard!

So that's three gifts finished, about a dozen I'd like to complete before Christmas. I'll be happy if I finish four more. How many gifts do you still hope to make?


  1. These crayon rolls are beautiful! I'll definitely have to make some for my girls. Crayon management is very lax in our household. I've given up crying to make Christmas gifts this year, but have started scheduling for next year. Good luck getting yours finished!

  2. These turned out so cute! I really need to make a few of these for the kiddos soon. Love it with the fabric you used.

  3. Oh they're so cute! And how fortuitous that the castle peeps fit so nicely -they look fantastic. Now wondering if I can whip up one or two of these before Christmas...

  4. oooh that is an AMAZING idea for a gift! esp for kids!!! thanks for sharing

  5. Love your crayon rolls! That Castle Peeps is just the perfect fabric for them. I had 6 gifts to make this year and 3 of them were quick and easy but the other 3 are taking a bit more time and concentration. I've done 4 and nearly finished one with one more to go which is probably the hardest one. MUST start earlier next year! :-)


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