Thursday, June 17, 2010

My First Quilt - Part III

I've nearly finished the quilt top and I love it!

I was surprised that I enjoyed sewing this so much - not even the pressing of seams was tedious. It was a joy to work with each little square. And I only needed to rip out about 4 seams (when my second strip came out about 1/2 inch longer than the first!). Of course the squares don't always align perfectly but I can live with that. Here's one of the better 'intersections':

Now all I have left to do is:
  1. Finish the quilt top by adding the border strips
  2. Design and piece the quilt back
  3. Baste
  4. Quilt
  5. Bind
So it should definitely be finished by next winter.


  1. great job jill! you can definitely get those last parts done! keep at it.

  2. Its beautiful! keep going!!!

  3. Looks sooo pretty :)

    All those minor issues with the squares... don't matter, I just call it rustic appeal ;D

  4. Nice job! Love this wonderland line and this quilt really showcases these fabrics nicely!

  5. i love it! my first finished quilt was made with wonderland fabrics, too. i just love those little flowers.

  6. Wow you have done a fantastic job with your first quilt. Thank you for visiting my flickr site. Mine is still a quilt top, but now you have motivated me to get a move on and quilt it. I have the large wonderland floral to use as the backing, but your idea of a pieced backing is a great idea too. If you get a chance have a look at I haven't even done my own blog post to properly acknowledge whose tutorial I used. Hopefully my blogging manners will improve with practice!

  7. Until I read this I didn't even notice that the squares weren't all facing the same way. Blog is looking good!

  8. As is the quilt (but you know I already thought that!)

  9. thanks for leaving a very nice comment/compliment about my pieced back on Flicker. I was going to suggest going over to Oh, Frannson! but I see she is on your sidebar also.

    I love your quilt and think your layout of the prints are great. With two little ones, you are years ahead of me. I had to wait until empty nest.


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