Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My First Quilt - Part IV

A Progress Report

I've made some progress on my Wonderland Quilt. I finally stitched the border on the quilt front:

And I've pieced my quilt back (sneak preview below) and prepared the binding (out of that first inspirational piece of tweedle dee in tomato):

I've got the batting, basting pins, and masking tape ready. Now I'm just waiting for a quiet day (preferably without the kids) to baste. But I'm quite nervous to start quilting. I plan to machine quilt but don't have a walking foot (I can't commit to buying one yet). Any tips? I plan to quilt as in this quilt.


  1. Its pretty! I need to know the answer to the walking foot question too!

  2. I love the sneak preview of the pieced backing. The first project I quilted by machine was without a walking foot. After I'd bought one, the difference was amazing - so I guess my recommendation is to get one.
    Although at the Sydney Craft Fair, I saw one of the demonstrators doing free motion quilting, where you drop the feed dogs and pull the quilt layers through - I don't think I would do great straight lines (she was stitching in the ditch around squares), but if you had your lines drawn or have a steady hand that might suit you. I think you may have to have a clear or open toe foot so you can see where you are going. Don't know if I've been confusing or helpful! Good luck with it.

  3. I know a walking foot can be expensive but totally worth it for the results you get with one. It helps to stop the layers from moving as you sew. Good luck with this!

  4. Thanks for sharing your work. You're off to a great start. Can't wait to read more from you.

  5. jill you are doing great. a nice quiet day would make basting easier. a walking foot is not a necessity, but you might really be happier with the results. simply helps the fabric feed together thru the machine nicer. you certainly can do it without!!! quilting is not about perfection!!


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