Saturday, January 15, 2011


I was introduced to Noodlehead and lil cutie pouches by the comments on my giveaway post. I just had to whip up some myself!
I used Bloom and Grow fabric by Riley Blake for the exteriors - I love these prints, especially those dots. The interior is a lovely turquoise blue kona solid, but I just couldn't photograph it well. The tabs are scraps from Modern Meadow and Red Letter Day. The one with dots is for me and the other is part of a belated Christmas present for a friend.
I do like them, but they are rather small (my phone doesn't fit). I think I'll use mine when I go to the pool for a swim, something I aim to do more often this year!
While I was scouring my stash for cute fabric combos, I stumbled upon this:
It looks even better in person! I foresee a cute little pleated tote - with the dots across the top and for the handles, and the peeps (from Lizzy House's Castle Peeps line) as the main body. The dots coordinate well with the whole colourway from Castle Peeps - wouldn't it make a cute playful twirly skirt for a little girl?


  1. I've made similar style zip pouches...they're very handy.

    I really like your fabric too!

  2. Cute! I like those a lot! And that fabric combo with the Castle Peeps is really nice!

  3. I like makig this pouches in all sort of sizes and colours. Love the fabric of those two!


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