Friday, January 21, 2011

jill in wonderland

I never expected to sew clothes for myself. Sewing for kids is, after all, much more forgiving - they still look cute in something obviously handmade, they don't have figures to fit, and elastic waistbands are the norm. But after honing my skills on lots of little projects (and a couple of small quilts), I jumped in the deep end and made this:
Pattern: Souffle Skirt from Make It Perfect by Toni Coward
Size: Medium
Fabric: Wonderland by MoMo (Moda)
Modifications: I didn't add a contrast band at the bottom, as I didn't want to draw away from the main skirt panel. I cut the rectangles for the main skirt a bit longer than the pattern called for to compensate (basically my one yard cut in half, so just under 18"), and simply hemmed the bottom.
It fits perfectly! And my husband gave me the ultimate compliment, saying, "you don't need to buy clothes anymore." Does this justify a fabric shopping spree?

I could wear this everyday and just stare at the beautiful Wonderland fabric. If you don't know about my obsession with Wonderland fabric, then you should read this, this and this.

Of course, I did learn a couple of things to improve on next time:
  1. Match the zip to the waistband fabric, not the main skirt fabric - that zipper pull stands out a lot!
  2. Place the zipper stops at the top, not the zipper tape! The zip stops about and inch short of the top.
At least I always wear my shirts out, not tucked in, so this gets hidden.

I was so anxious to get this photographed that I had my nearly-four-year-old try to photograph me in it. This is the result:
Not badly composed, but he got the exposure all wrong! Luckily, my husband got home with enough light out to take the second photo above.

Have you sewn any clothes for yourself recently? What did you make?


  1. It looks great! Thanks for posting the pic! Great fabric choice too!

  2. Woohoo! I love it - thanks for sharing :)
    Great to see some book projects popping up around blog land.

  3. Lovely! I have the book but haven't made anything from it yet; might have to give that skirt a whirl. Mostly I sew for my boys but I have made a couple of things for me, most recently the Emaline skirt in Patty Young Mezzanine which I was very pleased with. It's on my blog :)

  4. Very nice! I've not sewn any clothes for years. I used to make tops and skirts and dresses. Then I had children. I actually just sold my overlocker because it's been unused for nearly 4 years. Which is crazy!! It's very rewarding though... maybe I'll start again in a few years when my house has so many quilts my husband threatens a support group ;)

  5. Narrrr... that's just your husbands way of thinking you'll spend less money if you make your own clothes.. ahahah, little does he know it's cheaper to by it already made ;D

    I say take his wonderful advice and spend to your hearts content ! ..if there are any complaints just remind him of what he said by referring him to this post ;D

    LOVE the skirt BTW and a great fit :D x

  6. Looks fabulous. I haven't sewn for myself for years. It has a lot to do with having 6 children and needing to redraft patterns for a slightly *ahem* larger size!
    Any excuse to buy more fabric is legitimate!


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