Sunday, January 16, 2011

free as a bird gypsy skirt

I've been resisting the urge to purchase some of MoMo's Freebird fabric pretty much since it was released. So I was delighted to have an excuse to buy some - I just didn't have the right fabrics, or the right quantities of the right fabrics, in my stash, to make a cute skirt for a two-year old. So I was off to a new-to-me fabric shop, where I bought a few bits of Freebird, and whipped up this cute skirt in two evenings:
Pattern: Gypsy Skirt, from Making Children's Clothes by Emma Hardy
Size: 2-3 years
Fabric: Freebird by MoMo (Moda)
Modifications: instead of adding ribbon, I topstitched along the bottom edge of each layer.
Yay! I love how the colours work together (something I'm not always good at choosing). The pattern was straight-forward and easy - just lots of patience and time to get the gathers right.
The birthday girl wanted to put it on straight away. Here she is looking beautiful and pensive:
And holding a balloon. What could be better than a balloon and a new twirly skirt?
Happy Birthday Lila!


  1. looks lovely Jill!
    i love those freebird ovals! one of my all time favorites i think!

  2. That looks so cute on her! I have always wanted some of those fabrics too but I'm trying to control myself because my husband noticed I've gotten a couple packages lately ;-)

  3. This skirt has become an instant favourite of Lila's! Thank you so much, you are so talented! Lila was very excited to see herself online :) Tempe and Lila XO


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