Wednesday, January 19, 2011

my sewing space

 This is my kitchen table:
It's also my sewing space. I am envious of the beautiful sewing spaces and rooms I see on Flickr and blogs. But for now, this is all I have. At least it's well lit (this photo was taken in natural light on a gloomy day) and I always start off with a clear and clean space!

This is my machine. It's seriously heavy, but I love it.
I'm not sure I can call it 'mine'. It's my mother-in-law's. But it lives at my house. She tells me I've used it more in a couple of years than she has in decades.
It's a Bernina 830. I think it's from the early '70s. It's fairly basic, but it runs really well. It only has a handful of stitches, a 5-step buttonhole, and is, obviously, 100% mechanical. But it can pretty much do anything, including quilting. I was told it would cost me thousands to buy a modern machine of comparable quality to this one. So this will be with me for many more years!

I love the Bakelite accessories case:
It's filled to the brim with new and old:
I unpacked it all today and turned kitchen table to sewing space to work on this - The Souffle Skirt:
It's from the Make It Perfect book by the wonderful Toni Coward who is organising the Flood Appeal Auctions. If you can't afford the copy she's auctioning, then you can purchase it here.

I've actually finished the skirt - I'm wearing it now, and it fits! But no one else is home to photograph it. I'm in Wonderland heaven! I'll hopefully get some photos soon for my next post.

Happy sewing!


  1. Good job on making a skirt that fits!!!! I have made a few for myself and the first two... uhh yeah. They are definately "house" skirts. :)

    Can't wait to see pics!

  2. Welcome to the club of those of us who use the kitchen table as a sewing space ;)

  3. Awe...I live in a dorm building, so I throw my sewing machine in a dorm room with bunk beds and a's not nice, the lighting is horrid and the walls are ugly cinder blocks. I've looked at beautiful sewing spaces too...and when I'm tempted to complain, I am reminded to be thankful that I can do what I matter where I do it. =) Thanks for sharing your space with us. =)


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